M.Sc. Tobias Hirschter

M.Sc. Tobias Hirschter

Field of Research

  • Agile Product Development: Requirements Management - Systematic Definition and Control of Requirements
  • PGE - Product Generation Engineering: Product optimization - methodical support of design and principle variation
  • Product portfolio management: strategically planning products - analysing competition and market segmentation, identifying innovation potentials

Bachelor- / Mastertheses

Available bachelor- and master-theses can be found here.


Model of PGE – Product Generation Engineering by the Example of Autonomous Driving.
Albers, A.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Endl, M.; Ewert, R.; Rapp, S.
2020. Procedia CIRP, 91, 665–677. doi:10.1016/j.procir.2020.03.113
Functions in the Early Phase of Product Development: A Systematic Literature Review.
Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Haag, S.; Staiger, T.; Albers, A.
2020. 6th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE) 2020, Wien, 12 - 11 November 2020 (virtual conference)
Cross-Industry Sectoral Study:Interactions and Challenges of Requirements Engineering in the Early Phase of Product Development.
Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Maier, H.; Albers, A.
2020. Proceedings of NordDesign 2020, Lyngby, Denmark, 12th - 14th August 2020, 1–14, The Design Society. doi:10.35199/NORDDESIGN2020.58
Generic reference product model for specifying complex products by the example of the automotive industry.
Albers, A.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Woehrle, G.; Reinemann, J.; Rapp, S.
2020. Digital Proceedings of TMCE 2020, 353–370, Delft University of Technology
Proposing a Generalized Description of Variations in Different Types of Systems by the Model of PGE – Product Generation Engineering.
Albers, A.; Rapp, S.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Revfi, S.; Schulz, M.; Stürmlinger, T.; Spadinger, M.
2020. Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference, 1, 2235–2244. doi:10.1017/dsd.2020.315
Functional concepts in the model of PGE-product generation engineering by the example of automotive product development.
Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Kamp, J.; Endl, M.; Albers, A.
2020. 5th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering, Proceedings October 2019, Article No. 8984552, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/ISSE46696.2019.8984552
An Investigation of Use Cases for Customer-Integrated Product Validation.
Reinemann, J.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Hünemeyer, S.; Albers, A.
2019. R&D Management Conference 2019, Paris, F, June 17-21, 2019, 10
Entwicklungsgenerationen zur Steuerung der PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung: Von der Bauteil- zur Funktionsorientierung in der Automobilentwicklung.
Albers, A.; Haug, F.; Heitger, N.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.
2019. Stuttgarter Symposium für Produktentwicklung SSP 2019, Stuttgart, 16. Mai 2019. Hrsg.: H. Binz, 253–262, Frauenhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO
Augmented Reality in der Produktvalidierung: Potenziale und Grenzen in frühen Entwicklungsphasen.
Reinemann, J.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Albers, A.
2019. 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Electronics (EEE’19), Lissabon, P, August 21 - 23, 2019
Augmented Reality for Product Validation: Supporting the Configuration of AR-Based Validation Environments.
Albers, A.; Reinemann, J.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.
2019. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality : Applications and Case Studies. 11th International Conference, VAMR 2019 Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019 Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019 Proceedings, Part II. Ed. J.Y.C. Chen, 429–448, Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-21565-1_29
Identification of Indicators for the Selection of Agile, Sequential and Hybrid Approaches in Product Development.
Albers, A.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Reinemann, J.; Spadinger, M.; Hünemeyer, S.; Heimicke, J.
2019. 29th CIRP Design Conference - Open Design and Design as exponential technology, Póvoa de Varzim, P, May 8-10, 2019
Validation-Driven Design in the Early Phase of Product Development.
Albers, A.; Reinemann, J.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Heitger, N.
2019. Procedia 29th CIRP Design Conference, Póvoa de Varzim, P, May 8-10, 2019
Zukunftsorientierte PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung: Ein Ansatz zur systematischen Überführung von Szenarien in Produktprofile in der Frühen Phase der PGE.
Hirschter, T.; Heitger, N.; Haug, F.; Fahl, J.; Mandel, C.; Marthaler, F.; Walter, B.; Albers.
2018. Vorausschau und Technologieplanung: 14. Symposium für Vorausschau und Technologieplanung (SVT), Berlin, 8.-9. November 2018. Hrsg.: J. Gausemeier, 20, Heinz Nixdorf Institut
Customer-oriented product development: supporting the development of the complete vehicle through the systematic use of engineering generations.
Albers, A.; Haug, F.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Reinemann, J.; Rapp, S.
2018. 4th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE 2018), Rome, I, October 1-3, 2018, Article no: 8544391, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/SysEng.2018.8544391
Managing Systems of Objectives in the agile Development of Mechatronic Systems by ASD - Agile Systems Design.
Albers, A.; Heimicke, J.; Hirschter, T.; Richter, T.; Reiß, N.; Maier, A.; Bursac, N.
2018. Proceedings of NordDesign: Design in the Era of Digitalization, NordDesign 2018, The Design Society
Methodische Unterstützung zur Produktvalidierung in AR-Umgebungen in der Frühen Phase der PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung.
Reinemann, J.; Hirschter, T.; Mandel, C.; Heimicke, J.; Albers, A.
2018. 29. DfX-Symposium 2018, Tutzing, 25.-26. September 2018. Hrsg.: D. Krause, 14
Development methods for 2030: An interpretation of scenarios in the application of methods.
Albers, A.; Marthaler, F.; Reiss, N.; Hirschter, T.
2018. NordDesign, Linköping, S, August 14-17, 2018
Supporting Potential Innovation in the Early Phase of PGE – Product Generation Engineering: Structuring the Development of the Initial System of Objectives.
Albers, A.; Heitger, N.; Haug, F.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Bursac, N.
2018. R&D Management Conference, Milano, I, June 30 - July 4, 2018, 13