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Chair Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. A. Albers

Based on his experiences in the real-life product development process in the industry and his expertise in managing larger development departments, Prof. Albers’ main research focus for the Chair of Product Engineering is on product development, design, innovative processes and drive systems for vehicles and machines.

His works focus on the scientific bases of product development which he divides into its systems, methods and processes. He and his team deal with each of the three topics individually, thereby holistically meeting all of the complex requirements of today’s product development process. The research on product development deals with strategies, methods and tools to support the product development process. Special emphasis is placed on the integrated product development as well as the lightweight components and systems which are realised using computer-aided design optimisation. In order to convey teamwork in development from the beginning of the studies, this work is complemented by the development of new training concepts in integrated product development.. Main subjects in the field of drive systems are friction and storage systems as elements of mechanic engineering as well as the dynamic, the system behavior and the design of complex powertrains of both fundamental-oriented as well as application-oriented research. Research focus in the modelling, construction and validation is the clutch system because it is one of the most important actuators in drive systems of vehicles and machines. Since the link between electronics and computer science is practically indispensable in mechanic engineering nowadays, Prof. Albers established the research field of Mechatronics at the IPEK very early on. This field’s focus is on suited development methodology and development processes as well as the concrete research of system solutions in the automotive technology. In this research department, mechanic engineers, electrical engineers and software developers work closely together in order to face the complex challenges that arise in such mechatronic systems and during their development processes.

The methods and processes developed by the department are subject to continuous further development and validation using the extensive equipment of new and complex test benches. For this purpose, the methods and processes are covered by the two main frameworks which are based one system theory: Integrated Product Engineering Model (iPeM) and the X-in-the-Loop-approach (XiL) to validate mechatronic systems.



Fields of rsearch

  • Powertrains & drive systems
  • Tribological systems
  • Management of product development processes
  • Innovation management
  • Development methods for mechatronic systems
  • Validation of technical systems
  • Lightweight design
  • Competence-oriented education