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Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design
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Datum: 10.08.2019
Zeit: 08:00

Prof. Albers / Prof. Matthiesen


26.09.2019 in Geb. 10.23, 4.OG


05.07.2019 - 05.08.2019 via Campus Management für Studierende


Time schedule at 10th august 2019:

Mechanical Design I+II: Theoretical part: 13:00-14:00. There is no construction part.

Mechanical Design III+IV: Theoretical part: 13:00-14:00; Construction part: 08:00 - 11:00 AM

Mechanical Design I+II and III+IV (Equals Mechanical I-IV): Theoretical part MD I+II: 13:00-14:00; Theoretical part MD III+IV: 14:30-15:30, Construction part: 08:00 - 11:00 AM

The results of the exam from 10th august will be published in building 10.23 at the 8th floor.


You will get the chance to have a view on your exam at 26th september 2019. Please register via YouSubscribe if you want to take part. Registration period for this will be from 17th september till 24th september 2019 08:00 AM. If you register you will get a mail at the end of the registration time with further information about your exam viewing time slot.


Registration: 05.07. – 05.08.2019 via CMS or with the blue registration letter in Room 117 – Building 50.33 (Sebastian Ruoff)


Consulting Hour

  • Di. 30.07. :10:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr,
    Do. 01.08. : 10:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr,
    Di. 06.08. : 10:00 Uhr -12:00 Uhr and
    Do. 08.08. : 10:00 Uhr -12:00 Uhr

Room 403 Building 10.23


The space allocation  you find here.


ILIAS => Exam examples


Contact: sebastian.ruoff@kit.edu




non-programmable calculators
large set square (recommended)
screws templates
Radii and circular templates
curve templates


Not allowed:

Pencil, (in theory part)
mobile phone / smart watch
programmable calculator
FAG, SKF or other catalogs
construction templates
graph paper
Electronic Dictionaries