M.Sc. Sebastian Hünemeyer

M.Sc. Sebastian Hünemeyer


  • User Experience als Ausschnitt des Produktprofils: strukturierte Entwicklung in Produktlinien-übergreifenden Zielsystemen
  • Zielsystembildung in der frühen Phase der PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung
  • Agile Prozesse und Methoden der PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung
  • Innovationsmanagement & Innovationsstrategien

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Defining, Formulating and Modeling Product Functions in the Early Phase in the Model of PGE - Product Generation Engineering.
Albers, A.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Haag, S.; Hünemeyer, S.; Staiger, T.
2020. 6th IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE) 2020, October 12 - November 12 (virtual conference), 2020, Vienna, Austria
An Investigation of Use Cases for Customer-Integrated Product Validation.
Reinemann, J.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Hünemeyer, S.; Albers, A.
2019. R&D Management Conference 2019, Paris, F, June 17-21, 2019, 10
Identification of Indicators for the Selection of Agile, Sequential and Hybrid Approaches in Product Development.
Albers, A.; Hirschter, T.; Fahl, J.; Reinemann, J.; Spadinger, M.; Hünemeyer, S.; Heimicke, J.
2019. 29th CIRP Design Conference - Open Design and Design as exponential technology, Póvoa de Varzim, P, May 8-10, 2019