M.Sc. Sven Revfi

Sven Revfi, M.Sc.

Field of research

  • Lightweight Design
  • Extended Target Weighing Approach (ETWA)
  • Shape optimisation of fiber-reinforced plastics


  • CAE-Workshop

Bachelor and Master theses

Available bachelor and master theses can be found here.


Methodology for the Identification of Lightweight Solutions in Vehicle Applications.
Revfi, S.; Tamm, C.; Thirunavukkarasu, D.; Timmer, A.
2020. ATZ worldwide, 122 (6), 60–63. doi:10.1007/s38311-020-0248-3
Methodik zur Identifizierung von Leichtbaulösungen in Fahrzeuganwendungen.
Revfi, S.; Tamm, C.; Thirunavukkarasu, D.; Timmer, A.
2020. Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 122 (6), 62–67. doi:10.1007/s35148-020-0264-z
Einfluss der Volumen- und Shell-Dickenmodellierung auf die hauptspannungsbasierte Trajektorienberechnung zur Bestimmung von Sickenverläufen.
Revfi, S.; Fünkner, M.; Albers, A.; Behdinan, K.
2020. Conference Proceedings NAFEMS20 DACH. Hrsg.: NAFEMS Deutschland, Schweiz GmbH, Österreich, 98–101
Proposing a Generalized Description of Variations in Different Types of Systems by the Model of PGE – Product Generation Engineering.
Albers, A.; Rapp, S.; Fahl, J.; Hirschter, T.; Revfi, S.; Schulz, M.; Stürmlinger, T.; Spadinger, M.
2020. Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference, 1, 2235–2244. doi:10.1017/dsd.2020.315
Design Readiness Of Multi-Material Concepts: Manufacturing And Joining Technology Integrated Evaluation Of Concept Maturity Levels Using Cardinal Coefficients.
Revfi, S.; Wilwer, J.; Behdinan, K.; Albers, A.
2020. Proceedings of the Design Society: DESIGN Conference, 1, 1067–1076. doi:10.1017/dsd.2020.274
Funktionsbasierte Entwicklung leichter Produkte.
Albers, A.; Revfi, S.; Spadinger, M.
2020. Handbuch Leichtbau. Hrsg.: Frank Henning, Elvira Moeller, 133–152, Carl Hanser Verlag
Erweiterter Target Weighing Ansatz (ETWA): Semiquantitatives Bewertungsmodell für Herstellkosten neuer Konzeptideen.
Revfi, S.; Gladysz, B.; Spadinger, M.; Albers, A.; Staeves, J.
2020. Konstruktion, 72 (01-02), 72–77
Function-Based Material Selection for Cross-Component Lightweight Design Within the Extended Target Weighing Approach.
Revfi, S.; Kaspar, J.; Vielhaber, M.; Albers, A.
2019. Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design, 1 (1), 2715–2724. doi:10.1017/dsi.2019.278
Agile Lightweight Design - The Extended Target Weighing Approach in ASD - Agile Systems Design Using Functional Modelling with the C&C2-Approach.
Albers, A.; Matthiesen, S.; Revfi, S.; Schönhoff, C.; Grauberger, P.; Heimicke, J.
2019. Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design, 1 (1), 2667–2676. doi:10.1017/dsi.2019.273
Function-based benchmarking to identify competitor-based lightweight design potentials.
Albers, A.; Revfi, S.; Kraus, F.; Spadinger, M.
2019. Procedia CIRP, 84, 526–531. doi:10.1016/j.procir.2019.04.231
Manufacturing-oriented Bead Patterns for Long Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Structures.
Revfi, S.; Spadinger, M.; Albers, A.
2019. NAFEMS World Congress 2019, Québec, CDN, June 17-20, 2019, NAFEMS
Extended Target Weighing Approach – A system lightweight design approach for new product generations.
Revfi, S.; Albers, A.; Holoch, J.; Spadinger, M.
2018. Book of Abstracts – Symposium Lightweight Design in Product Development (LWD-PD18), Zürich, Switzerland, 14th–15th June 2018, 29–31, ETH
Target Weighing Approach: Study to evaluate the benefits of a methodical approach in comparison to classical company processes for the identification of lightweight design potentials.
Revfi, S.; Albers, A.; Stegmiller, M.
2018. Proceedings of NordDesign: Design in the Era of Digitalization, NordDesign 2018, The Design Society
Extended Target Weighing Approach – Estimation of Technological Uncertainties of Concept Ideas in Product Development Processes.
Albers, A.; Revfi, S.; Spadinger, M.
2018. 2nd CO2 Reduction for Transportation Systems Conference, CO2 2018, Turin, I, June 6-8, 2018. doi:10.4271/2018-37-0028
Extended target weighing approach : Identification of lightweight design potential for new product generations.
Albers, A.; Revfi, S.; Spadinger, M.
2017. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17), Vol 4 : Design Methods and Tools, Vancouver, Canada, 21st - 25th August 2017. Ed.: A. Maier, 367–376, The Design Society