M.Sc. Valentin Zimmermann

M.Sc. Valentin Zimmermann


  • Agile Methoden und Prozesse der PGE - Produktgenerationsentwicklung
  • Methoden zur Unterstützung der Zielsystementwicklung in der Mechatroniksystementwicklung
  • Ansätze zur frühen und kontinuierlichen Validierung

Bachelor- / Masterarbeiten

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A methodology for the systematic identification of market uncertainties to support the development of the system of objectives = Methode zur gezielten Identifikation von Marktunsicherheiten zur Unterstötzung der Zielsystementstehung.
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The password is dead, long live the password – A laboratory study on user perceptions of authentication schemes.
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Comparison of Existing Agile Approaches in the Context of Mechatronic System Development: Potentials and Limits in Implementation.
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Vergleich von Produktinnovationsarten – Worin die Unterschiede wirklich begründet liegen.
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Keep on rating – on the systematic rating and comparison of authentication schemes.
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Agile Development of Mechatronic Systems: Utopia or Reality – an Evaluation from Industrial Practice.
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Why Johnny Fails to Protect his Privacy.
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Acceptance Modelling in Product Development – Case Study: Connected Systems for Industry 4.0 Solutions.
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Assistance in Daily Password Generation Tasks.
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Finally Johnny Can Encrypt. But Does This Make Him Feel More Secure?.
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“If It Wasn’t Secure, They Would Not Use It in the Movies” – Security Perceptions and User Acceptance of Authentication Technologies.
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Security vs. privacy? User preferences regarding text passwords and biometric authentication.
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Promoting secure Email communication and authentication.
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