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In the Design Methodology research group, we explore design as a cognitive process in product generation development. Here we focus on forward-thinking of the embodiment-function-relation in the analysis and synthesis of technical products. In doing so, we identify key factors of successful approaches by design engineers and develop methods to support product development on this basis. We apply these in development projects together with companies to validate them and to secure their added value for practice.

The aim of our research is to provide methodical support in forward-thinking, analysing and synthesising of components in the system context. We take into account that design is an iterative and highly creative process. It is particularly important for us to focus not only on individual phases, such as listing the requirements or evaluating the reliability. We develop tools that use the entire thinking process of design.

Using the methods developed by us, complex effects in technical systems can be analysed. From this, we derive target values for the construction. Agile product development processes enable us to develop rapid prototypes demonstrating the implementation of the new product features through individualised training, we bring design methods to the industry. At the heart of these training courses is the rapid realisation of a shortened development project, which enables experiential learning.

Service Offer

We will strengthen you as our industrial partner in the competition for innovation.

  • ​Analysis of complex effects for the synthesis of new product generations
    • Methods for analysis
    • Model building techniques
    • C&C²-Approach
  • ​​Verification of product functions by means of fast prototypes
    • Design hypotheses
    • Testing
  • Individualised training courses in the core area of design engineers


  • FDM 3D printer
  • ​Analysis lab
    • Macroscopy
    • Microscopy
    • Ferrography
  • CAD-CAM model milling cutter
  • Laser cutter
  • 3D scanner
  • Stationary and portable eye tracking system

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