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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Translated Quote of Albert Einstein, The World As I See It

In its mission statement for study and teaching, the KIT is committed to scientific and research-oriented teaching.

The IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering offers the following project-oriented courses in the field of "Research-based Learning".

The brochure "Research-oriented Teaching" is available as a pdf download.


IPEK Speciality: Project work in the scope of the studies at KIT

Lehr-Lern-labor NwT: „Technik erleben und vermitteln“

Wir am IPEK – Institut für Produktentwicklung unterstützen die Ausbildung von Naturwissenschaft und Technik-Lehramtsstudierenden. Unser Ziel ist, die angehenden Lehrkräfte so zu qualifizieren, dass sie die Begeisterung für technische Fragestellungen und Berufe bei Schülerinnen und Schülern frühzeitig wecken und gezielt fördern können. Dazu haben wir das Lehr-Lern-Labor NwT: Technik erleben und vermitteln entwickelt. Dieses wird im folgenden Video vorgestellt:

Impressions from the course and the accompanying project work

Impressions from the course and the accompanying project work

In the Winter Term 2015/16 course Mechatronic Systems and Products, a video was created in cooperation with the KIT Press Office. The video displays some impressions from the lecture and the accompanying project work. 

Focus of the Master's programme: Integrated Product Engineering

Apply and experience teamwork and methods in a real-world product development project. Intensive support in lectures and workshops with a maximum of 42 participants.


Information on Integrated Product Development
Focus of the Master's programme: Development of innovative devices

Students learn to design devices and develop construction strategies based on real-world industry examples. A wide variety of hand-guided sample devices in which the engineering disciplines are combined play a central role.

Information on the Master's course

Mandatory module in the university course Mechatronics: Engineering of mechatronic systems and products

The engineering task of the course comprises two cooperating robot systems. Students work on those in small groups. In order to solve the task, the mechatronic systems must be modelled virtually, and the subsystems must be validated by prototypes at an early stage. In the end, the systems manufactured with laser cutters and fishing technology components will be compared at a competition.

Information on the teaching concept





IPEK Speciality: International Programs for KIT Students:

Logo Geare

GEARE is a cooperation between the KIT and the Universities of Purdue (USA) and Shanghai (China) with the aim to enable students to participate in research stays abroad.

Information on the Geare Program

Double Master Tonji

Double Master Tonji

Since 2014, there is a double master's degree course in automotive engineering. It offers master's students from China and Germany the opportunity to study at the respective partner university for a period of three semesters. Upon successful completion of their studies, students receive a Master's certificate from the KIT as well as a Master's certificate from the Tongji University in Shanghai.

Information on the Double Master Program


IPEK Speciality: Special learning places:

Model Library

Models from mechanical engineering and mechatronics will be available for teaching purposes in a for this purpose renovated room in the basement of Building 10.21.

Information on the Model Library

Prototypen Zentrum
Centre for prototypes

A prototype workshop was set up with the help of the briefly introduced study fees. Within the framework of student project work, prototypes can be created and thus support the creative engineering process.

Information on the Prototyping Centre

Informationen zum Prototypen Zentrum

IPEK Speciality: Linking research and application:

VDI seminar: Product engineering in practice

The VDI seminar traditionally takes place between November and February at the IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

On the annual 3 to 4 lecture evenings, we offer our students as well as representatives of the industry, the opportunity to inform and exchange information on current and interesting topics of product engineering free of charge.

Event Program "Product Development in Practice"

Veranstaltungsprogramm "Produktentwicklung in der Praxis"
Logo Hector
Part-time postgraduate studies: Master's degree at the Hector-School

The IPEK participates in the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management with the tailor-made further education programme "Management of Product Development". The HECTOR School is named after Dr. h. c. Hans-Werner Hector, co-founder of the software company SAP.

Information on the Hector School