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Research at IPEK

IPEK - Institute of Product Engineering - is a research institution at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We see ourselves as a centre of scientific product engineering and innovation, focussing on drive systems and mobility. In order to accommodate the complexity of all aspects of modern product engineering, we subdivide product engineering into

  • systems,
  • methods und
  • processes.

Only by combining these three categories it is possible to exploit the synthesis of innovative systems by using cutting edge methods and processes. This system synthesis simultaneously enables us to validate the methods and processes we have developed and thus to assure their added value. We do not only apply this research approach in projects, which can be classified as basic research, but also in applied research. Our mission in this process is to improve the innovative strength of the German engineering and automobile industry in the long term. With this in mind, we strategically focus on the following three pillars: research, innovation and teaching. Drive systems and mobility, as well as product engineering methods and processes form the core of our research activities. We satisfy the demand for an integrative approach for this research mission by including bordering fields of research. The existing research portfolio encompasses two central structures based on system theory: the integrated product engineering model iPeM and the X-in-the-Loop approach XiL for validating mechatronic systems.


Drive Systems

Clutch and Tribology Systems

Development and Innovation Management

Antriebssysteme Tribologische Syteme

Entwcklungs- und Innovationsmanagement


Validation of Technical Systems

Lightweight Design

Systemic Human-Machine-Integration

Validierung technischer Systeme




Competence-based Education Methods of Embodiment Design Design Methods for Mechatronic Systems
Competence-based Education Entwicklungsmethodik für Mechatronische Systeme