Lightweight Design


‘Lightweight design is a mind-set’ - Heinrich Timm, the intellectual father of the Audi Aluminum Space Frame, hits the nail on the head. Effective lightweight design is a result of identifying and unlocking the full potential on all levels – if lightweight design becomes a superior design objective. Following this maxim, we research on methods that support the entire design process of lightweight systems. We focus on methods for analyzing lightweight-potentials in overall systems, design by multi-material as well as methods for synthesis and structural optimization of isotropic and anisotropic materials.

RF Lightweight Design

Research Focus

  • Identification of lightweight-potentials in overall systems
  • Systems design
  • Structural optimization and simulation
  • Validation


  • Vehicle body
  • Transmission for internal combustion engine and electric vehicle drive trains
  • Structural components in steel and plastic
  • High-voltage storage
  • Air-conditioning unit


  • Static and dynamic calculation using the finite element method
  • Analysis of lightweight design potentials in the overall system
  • Package optimization in high-voltage memory
  • Material Lightweight design in the vehicle transmission
  • Design guidelines for lightweight design of fiber-reinforced composites
  • Structural optimisation
  • Multi-objective optimization


  • Systematic linking of product function with mass, costs and CO2-Impact "Target Weighing"
  • Optimization of systems with topology, shape and parameter optimization
  • Optimization of vehicle transmissions with regard to inertia, installation space and weight
  • Coupled simulation and optimization
  • Optimization of continuous fiber composites for optimal material utilization
  • Consideration of robustness when optimizing long fiber composites
  • Optimization of energy storage systems
  • Bead optimization
  • Integration of production restrictions in optimization methods



  • Finite element method: Abaqus, Nastran, Ansys, Adina,...
  • Multi-body simulation: ADAMS, LMS, Motion, MatLab/Simulink,...
  • Optimization: TOSCA, OptiStruct, Dakota, MatLab,...


  • Experimental set-up for testing the electrical insulation of battery cells connected in series for the evaluation of different cooling fluids for use in the battery module.
  • Test setup for the investigation of different battery cell arrangements in the module with regard to the efficiency of the temperature control.​
  • Computer server "Herculis"
    • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 @ 2.30 GHz - 20 physical and 40 logical cores (hyperthreading), 512GB main memory
  • Access to the Computing Cluster of the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

Publications within the Research Field

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