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Validation of Technical Systems

Validation is the central activity of product engineering and a warrantor for a successful product on the market. Only through suitable validation can technical feasibility and customer benefits be ensured. At the same time, validation represents the most extensive and challenging activity of the product development process. Consequently, we are conducting research on efficient systems, methods and processes allowing for the realization of a holistic validation, integrated with the product development process. The key to this is the system- and function-orientated integration of physical and virtual models of (sub-) systems over the whole product development process. We are focusing our research on the IPEK-X-in-the-Loop-Approach (IPEK-XiL-Approach) for an integrated validation across systems.



Research Focus

  • IPEK-X-in-the-Loop (IPEK-XiL)-Approach for integrated and continuous validation
  • (Distributed) validation environments inside and across different companies
  • System- and function-oriented integration of physical and virtual models of (sub-) systems
  • (Model-Based) Systems Engineering (MBSE) to support validation activities
  • Model-Based and Maneuver-based approaches for the formalization of validation
  • Individual and organisational acceptance of the investigated methods and processes



Development- & validation environments for:

  • System "(automotive) drivetrains"
    • Conventional drive systems
    • Electrical, hybrid and power-split drive systems
  • Mechanical and mechatronic Subsystems and functions, for example
    • Systems for damping vibrations
    • Clutch-systems
    • Gear box (-topologies)
    • Auxillary equipment
    • Operation strategies
  • Hand-held tools and tool-subsystems



  • IPEK-X-in-the-Loop-Approach (IPEK-XiL-Approach) for an integrated validation of technical systems – “Specific development- & validation methods from theory to realization”
    • (Partially-) electric drive systems
    • Conventional drive systems
    • Subsystems and components of (partially-) electric and conventional drive systems
    • Hand-held tools and tool-subsystems
  • Experimental validation by means of rapid prototyping (3D-printer, laser-cutter…)
  • Validation of the whole system, consisting of human, machine, environment and application in the area of Power Tools
  • (Model-Based) Systems Engineering to support validation activities
  • Distributed validation environments
  • Co-simulation



  • Processes for a continuous validation integrated with the product development process
  • Processes for analysis and integration of the needs of the end-user and further stakeholders (OEMs, component suppliers,…)
  • Processes for benchmarking and standardization
  • Processes for analysis and optimization of NVH-behavior
  • Processes for analysis and optimization of operation strategies



  • Powerful test-benches and measurement technique for a continuous validation based on the IPEK-XiL-Approach (acoustic-roller test bench, automated power-tool test bench, Powertrain-in-the-Loop test bench, …)
  • Various test vehicles (conventional, hybrid, electric) and driving simulator
  • Mechanical and electrical workshops with possibilities for rapid prototyping (3D-printer, laser-cutter…)
  • CAx-Software for Simulation and design, as well as modelling software for SysML modelling


Further equipment of the institute can be found here.


Publications within the Research Field

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