NVH and Vehicle Acoustics

Driving comfort and acoustic are playing increasingly important roles in vehicle development. On the one hand, the acoustic and vibration behaviour affects the qualitative evaluation of a vehicle, on the other hand legal regulations for noise emission and noise protection are getting stricter globally.
To support the vehicle development in this domain, it is important to consider the NVH behaviour of a vehicle in the early stages of the product development process. Especially the interactions between the subsystems and the overall system have to be analyzed and quantified. Therefore, we conduct research on efficient methods and processes, which realize a holistic and process-related validation regarding acoustics and vibration.

RF NVH and Vehicle Acoustics

Research Focus:

  • Comfort Objectification and Validation of interior and exterior Acoustics
  • Simulated Drive-By Measurement
  • NVH Behaviour of Fuel Cell Powertrains


Development and validation environments for:

  • system "(automotive) powertrain"
  • conventional and new powertrains
    • hybrid and power-split powertrains
    • electrical powertrains
    • combustion engines
  • subsystems
    • transmissions and transmission topology
    • auxiliary units
      • air-conditioning compressor
      • coolant and lubricant pumps
    • comfort actuators
      • window lift drives
      • electrical parking brake
      • parking lock mechanism
      • steering assistance
    • systems for active vibration reduction
    • clutch systems
    • exhaust systems


Development and validation methods for:

  • (partially) electrical powertrains
  • conventional powertrains
  • ...and their components
  • customer needs of the end user
  • customer needs of the vehicle manufacture/supplier (scaling)


Development and validation processes:

  • flow chart based validation
  • processes for benchmarking and standardization
  • processes for the analysis and the optimization of the NVH behavior
  • processes for the analysis and the optimization of operating strategies


  • Acoustic roller dynamometer: 2-axle-driven roller dynamometer with Vehicle-in-the-Loop-Technology in a semi-anechoic chamber (lower cutoff frequency: 63Hz)
  • Driving robot (SAP 2000)
  • Three-dimensional laser scanning vibrometer (PSV 3D) for the contactless and reactionless acquisition of three-dimensional vibrations of surfaces
  • Three-dimensional sound intensity probe (LMS SoundBrush)
  • Artificial head, uni and triax acceleration sensors, mobile fuel measurement technology, free field microphone, 40 channel front-end and AFT TORnado
  • Modeling software based on SysML
  • IPEK driving simulator with Force-Feedback-Pedal
  • Several testing vehicles (conventional, hybrid, electric, different topologies)

Further equipment of the institute you find here.

Publications within the Research Field

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