Product Generation Engineering

Each product development is PGE – Product Generation Engineering: the development of a new product generation is based on reference products. Those are preceding products or prototypes from the company but as well systems from competitors or other branches. Subsystems of a new product generation are either carried over from reference products or developed new based on reference products. New development activities are embodiment and principle variation. Within the research field PGE – Product Generation Engineering we develop methods and processes to plan and manage PGE, including processes across several generations. This includes all activities of product engineering and all layers of product engineering in companies: from the development of an individual product generation to the company’s strategy.

RF Product Generation Engineering


We research methods and process of PGE by means of complete technical systems and selected subsystems as well. Within our institute we work in particular on power tools and drive systems. Together with our partners we examine a wide range of different systems, coming from the automotive industry and their suppliers as well as from special mechanical engineering.


We investigate and develop methods regarding i. a. the following topics in the research field:

  • Strategic planning of product generations
  • Development of business models in PGE
  • Development of systems of objectives in PGE
  • Identification of potential reference products
  • Planning and management of new development shares and development risks
  • Derivation of necessary new development activities for a new product generation
  • System analysis to determine effective new development shares
  • Cross generational product models
  • Management of reference product related knowledge


Based on the theory of PGE we examine and design process elements for all phases of product development in companies, for example:

  • Development of systems of objectives in the early phase of PGE
  • Estimation of development costs and proposal preparation in the proposal phase
  • Planning of development generations for successive validation of system functions
  • Cross generational use of product models
  • Use of sensor date from running production processes for the PGE of the production system
  • Processes for SGE – System Generation Engineering


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  • LiveLab ProVIL

Publications within the Research Field

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