Development and Innovation Management


‘Innovation is the successful market introduction of a technical or organizational novelty, not just its invention’. This quote from Joseph Schumpeter underlines our basic mission. Therefore, we research on processes, methods and tools to analyze future markets and customer needs as well as investigate the necessary agile innovation process through ASD - Agile Systems Design with emphasis on profile determination, idea generation and validation. We develop our agile methods and processes against the backdrop of individual and organizational acceptance and bundle our approaches in the integrated product engineering model iPeM.

RF Development and Innovation Management


  • Agile framework of product development ASD - Agile Systems Design
  • Mechatronic systems in a socio-technical context
  • Interactive method coach InnoFox for the recommendation of methods according to the specific situation and need


  • Agile Design- and Innovation Methods of ASD - Agile Systems
  • Design and Innovation Methods in innovation management and agile and multidisciplinary project management
  • Creativity- and problem solving methods of PGE - Product Generation Engineering
  • Methods for generating product profiles, development and modeling of systems of objectives
  • Product portfolio management
  • Product development models of ASD - Agile Systems Design in the context of PGE - Product Generation Engineering
  • Digital and virtual methods for development of mechatronic systems in distributed teams
  • Methods for the development, validation and implementation of product strategies
  • Modular and series development
  • Model Based Systems Engineering


  • Agile product development processes of ASD - Agile Systems Design
  • Optimization and implementation of innovation processes
  • Processes for the agile development of mechatronic systems in distributed teams
  • Processes for the development of product strategies in the current and future context
  • Activity-based implementation of product development processes
  • System-oriented development/optimization of products and characteristics
  • Validation-oriented process characterization
  • Holistic modeling/characterization of product development processes
  • Processes for the analysis and optimization of organizational and individual acceptance


  • KreaLab with 3D smart board and multi-touch functionality
  • Live Lab ProVIL - Product development in a virtual Idealab
  • Live Lab IP - Integrated Product development
  • Live Lab AIL - Agile Innovation Lab
  • Various moderation and presentation tools to promote creativity and support idea generation
  • KreaDesktop
  • FDM Prototyper and CAD-CAM model milling machine
  • 2 laser cutters, one of them mobile
  • Virtual innovation platform

Current research topics      

  • Methods and Processes of ASD - Agile Systems Design
  • Innovation Management
  • Product Development in distributed teams
  • Product Strategy

Publications within the Research Field

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