M. Sc. Felix Pfaff

Felix Pfaff M. Sc.


  • Evolutionäre Analyse im Modell der SGE - Systemgenerationsentwicklung
  • Systematische Berücksichtigung von Umfeldeinflüssen in der Entwicklung neuer Produktgenerationen
  • Systematische Verwendung von Referenzen in der Entwicklung von Lösungskonzepten

Bachelor- / Masterarbeiten

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Using product profiles for retrospective case studies in SGE – system generation engineering
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Upgradeable Mechatronic Systems – Definition and Model of Upgrades in the Context of the Model of SGE - System Generation Engineering
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Modelling Technical Systems in the Early Phase: Proposing a Formal Definition for the System Concept
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Linking Digital B2B Platform Business Models and Product Development: A Bibliometric Analysis and Literature Review
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Evolutionary Perspective on System Generation Engineering by the Example of the iPhone
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Teaching Ethics as a Practical Exercise in Reflexion in a project-based Engineering Course
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Implications of Creating Solution Concepts Based on the Use of References
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Descriptive model for evolutionary innovation research in Product Generation Engineering
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2022. The XXXIII ISPIM Innovation Conference "Innovating in a Digital World", Copenhagen, Denmark on 05 June to 08 June 2022
Review of Evolutionary Approaches in Design Research to Support PGE - Product Generation Engineering
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Gaining insights through qualitative modelling - industrial project analysis with focus on derived hypotheses based on the contact and channel approach
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Virtual-Reality-Umgebung für die Visualisierung von Entwicklungszielgrößen auf Basis des Referenzsystems im Modell der PGE – Produktgenerationsentwicklung
Pfaff, F.; Rapp, S.; Albers, A.
2021. EEE 2021 - Entwerfen Entwickeln Erleben in Produktentwicklung und Design 2021. Hrsg.: R. Stelzer, 175–187, TUDpress. doi:10.25368/2021.20
Characterizing Product Development Processes in Start-ups – an Empirical Study
Pfaff, F.; Kubisch, J.; Rapp, S.; Albers, A.
2021. Proceedings of the XXXII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Berlin, Germany, 20-23 June 2021 (Online). "Innovating our Common Future"