PhD at the IPEK


At home and abroad, the engineering PhD at German universities is highly recognized for its outstanding quality. This is due to the excellent qualification to occupy a leading positions in industry and science.

The assistant doctorate at the IPEK is based on an overall balanced, scientifically sound spectrum of qualifications for future junior executives, which is at the same time oriented towards the needs of industrial practice. The doctoral process is deliberately designed in such a way that, in addition to the scientific, specialized depth, both the technical, general breadth and a broad spectrum of non-technical qualifications (key qualifications) are acquired. Structured supervision and individual support of the doctoral students is guaranteed. Therefore, an appropriate work environment and a goal-oriented structure have been established in order to qualify the doctoral students for both academic careers and research and management tasks in industry by individually combining the identified success factors.

The assistant doctorate within a team of researchers aims to enable doctoral students to carry out their excellent independent research work with a practical orientation. Thus, the acquisition, planning and processing of cooperative research projects should contribute to the acquisition of important professional experience already during the doctorate. Doctoral students working on an assistant doctorate are faced with the challenge of independently identifying questions within the framework of their scientific environment, and planning and carrying out their research. A further essential element for the acquisition of interdisciplinary qualifications is the wide range of activities in teaching and the supervision of students. Through the guidance of student assistants, the supervision of students during internships and workshops, student research projects, diploma, bachelor's and master's theses, as well as the responsible leadership of a research group, doctoral students are to gain initial leadership experience and further develop their professional qualifications.

Particularly noteworthy is the responsible management and representation of projects, which goes far beyond individual publications and presentations of scientific activities. This is to be achieved through the excellent training of the doctoral students with regard to their scientific and social qualifications.

If you decide to do a doctorate at IPEK, you also decide on:

  • Individual personnel development plan with free design of the scientific work
  • Diverse projects and areas of responsibility
  • Responsible national and international project work (acquisition, implementation)
  • Intensive contact and cooperation with leading companies
  • Supervision of students/colleagues in teams
  • High-level flexibility