Our Mission Statement


We are a research institute at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and see ourselves as a centre for scientific product engineering and innovation with a focus on drive systems, mobility and power tools.

The basic research concept of the IPEK for the development of the KaSPro - Karlsruhe School for Product Development is the parallel research on methods and processes of the PGE - product generation engineering combined with the research for synthesis and validation of new technical systems. Our aim is to implement this concept through excellent joint performance and to convey the results in a competence-oriented manner through the KaLeP - Karlsruhe teaching model for product development in teaching and further education. We want to be one of the world's leading university institutes in this field.

As a highly motivated and performance-oriented team, the goal of our daily work is to contribute to scientific knowledge and to strengthen the competitiveness of the German economy. We achieve this through our commitment to university teaching, the qualification of our doctoral students in the assistant doctorate, our research activities and the continuous transfer of knowledge to companies through cooperation projects and further training.

We live the methods and processes we have taught and researched. We want to win the most capable minds for our team. The basis of our cooperation is an individual commitment to performance, tolerance and mutual support based on trust. We guarantee to follow the rules of good scientific practice of the German Research Foundation at all times.