Information on courses in the winter semester


ATTENTION (Last Update 24.08.2023)

The lecture "Maschinenkonstruktionslehre I" will be replaced by the lecture "Maschinenkonstruktionslehre A" from WS 23/24 ongoing. Therefore, the old lecture will not be displayed anymore in the list.

The lecture "Projektmanagement in globalen Strukturen" will not be offered anymore. As a replacement, the lecture "Innovation2Business - Innovation Strategy in the Industrial Corporate Practice" will be available from WS 23/24 on.

The working documents for the individual events can be found in Ilias.
Module in the Bachelor's programme: Mechanical Design (incl. CAD training)
Elective courses for the Bachelor's and Master's programmes
  • CAE workshop


Lectures in mechanical design
lv-no. title lecturer type
3145186 Lecture (V)
3145187 Practice (Ü)
3145016 Lecture (V)
3145017 Practice (Ü)