Junior Research Group Sensor Based Fuel Cell Development


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Research Focus

A sensor based concept will be developed by the young investigator group allowing to identify critical conditions within the PEM fuel cell. This allows for the development of a highly efficient and durable fuel cell system. The development and optimization is based on the IPEK X-in-the-loop approach which enables the direct coupling of the cell, stack and system level. Each single level can be either virtual with respect to simulation models or physical with respect to test setups. By coupling these levels via virtual-physical interfaces a continous comparison within the X-in-the-loop framework is achieved. For this purpose, adapted modelling approaches and validation environments with specific measurement instrumentation is needed.

The following research topics will be the focus of the young investigator group:

  • Cell level: Connection of flow field and gas diffusion layer
    ► Development of a multi gradient flow field with improved transport properties
  • Stack level: Identification of local critical conditions during dynamic operation
    ► Sensor based aquisition of operating conditions on the bipolar plate
  • System level: Counteraction and prevention of critical conditions
    ► Development of a robust and cyclic operating strategy
  • Measurement methodology: Transfer from direct to indirect measuement value aquisition
    ► Development of equivalent indirect measurement categories
Jan Haußmann
Concept for coupling the development levels within the PEM fuel cell system


Leader of the Young Investigator Group Sensor based Fuel Cell Development