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Credibility of virtual validation environments

The use of virtual validation and verification methods reduces effort and costs in the development of cyber-physical systems and products. However, the increased abstraction requires proof of credibility when using the results for homologation, approval or important development decisions. In several research and industrial projects, we are working on the development of a method for the credibility verification of virtual methods.

Validation Environment Allocation

A large number of different validation environments are used in the development and validation of cyber-physical systems, such as automated vehicles. The specific choice of environment is often driven by habit or experience. In this research area, we deal with the question of how specific environments can be allocated to individual test cases or scenarios. The necessary and achievable credibility is an essential basis for decision-making.


The provision of an adequate validation environment depends largely on the available validation resources (test benches, infrastructure, methods, ...) of a project. Especially in the validation of automated driving functions, these resources and their efficient use represent the bottleneck in development. By researching the modularisation and connection of existing validation environments with a focus on the cyber-physical domain, in particular vehicle-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop and driver-in-the-loop, we are trying to reduce the restraining influence in development.


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