Drive Systems

Research Focus

Systems, methods and processes in the development, design and validation of engine-powered and electrified drive systems taking into account the interactions in the overall system and interactions of the system with the environment

  • Development and validation environments for components and systems
  • Energy storage systems in electrified drive systems
  • Operation and shifting strategies for electrified drive systems
  • Identification of dynamic phenomena and their causes in the vehicle

Service Offer

We are your partner for problems requiring development and validation of drive systems and their operation strategies:

  • Complete drive train simulation for product validation in early periods of the development process
  • Analysis and optimisation of drivetrain components regarding customer relevant aspects
    • System efficiency
    • Determination of DMF isolation behaviour
    • Virtual and mixed physical-virtual investigations of the transmission gear rattle sensitivity
    • Torsional and structural vibration
  •  Identification of potentials of drivetrain architectures and topologies taking the customer requirements into account
  •  Development of customer specific validation environments


  • eDriL - eDrive-in-the-Loop test bench (further information is available)
    3-motor test bench with battery simulator and a highly dynamic drive machine as well as two wheel machines to investigate conventional and (partly-) electrified drivetrain concepts in combination with a real time simulation of connected systems.
  • Mini-HiL 
    Model test bench for technological development of new drive system test benches and concepts.
  • Powertrain in the loop test bench - PLP (further information is available)
    Investigation of the whole drive system with the possibility to simulate the connected systems in real time.
  • Power Pack test bench - PPP (further information is available)
    2-motor test bench with two dynamic synchronous machines for the physical integration of drivetrain components into a real time simulation of the virtual connected systems or for component tests
  • Multi Component Test Bench - MCP (further information is available)
    The test bench offers a very high degree of modularity, allowing a large number of arrangements of motors and test specimens.
  • Flexible usable shifting robot and automatic coupling actuation for the automation of gear shifting and coupling processes.


Current theses of the research group can be found here.


Selected Publications

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An overview of all IPEK publications can be found here.