The IPEK has an extensive range of equipment of

  • test benches

  • measurement technology

  • simulation tools

for the investigation of technical problems and the interaction of individual components up to complete systems.

Acoustic roller test bench

Measurement technology and more

  • Jäger ADwin-ProII for real-time simulation and real-time measurement data acquisition

  • AFT TORnadO - Overall system for torsional and torsional vibration analysis

  • High-speed data logger LMS Scadas Mobile 3x TOMS (Transportable Operational Measurement System) for the acquisition and monitoring of measurements at endurance tests 3D-coordinate measuring machine

  • 3D laser scanning vibrometer

  • Non-contact and non-reactive detection of 3-dimensional vibrations of surfaces

  • 3D vibration sensor (4x), 1D vibration sensor (4x), 3D acceleration sensor (1x)

  • Binaural dummy head (1x), binaural driver headset (1x), free field microphones (16x), near field microphones (10x)

  • 3D sound intensity probe incl. position tracking

  • CCD video camera with very short exposure time

  • Laser Surface Velocimeter

  • Non-contact speed measurement on all rotating parts in the test bench

  • Portable universal sound measurement and analysis system

  • Thermal camera with very short exposure time

  • Shortwave infrared camera for non-contact temperature measurement

  • High speed thermal camera

  • High-resolution long-wave infrared camera for non-contact temperature measurement with up to 6000 fps

  • Portable capacitive pressure measuring foils for force measurement at the handle

  • 6-axis force plate for measuring user forces

  • Dust sensor

  • Stationary and portable eye tracking systems

  • 3D-scanner incl. surface recovery

  • ...


In the area of simulation and design, a wide range of software can be used.

  • FEM software (e. g. Ansys Workbench & CFX, Abaqus, MSC Patran, Altair HyperWorks)
  • Software tools (e. g. MATLAB, Maple, MathCAD, Famos, Eclipse, Python)
  • MKS software (e. g. MSC Adams, LMS Virtual. Lab. Motion)
  • Measurement software (e. g. IMC Famos, LMS TestLab, Tornado)
  • CAD software (e. g. Pro/Engineer Wildfire, CATIA, IDEAS)
  • Optimization (e. g. TOSCA, Daktota, Optimus)
  • 1D simulation (e. g. MATLAB/Simulink, LMS AMESim, Dymola, SimulationX)
  • Vehicle simulation (e. g. AVL-VSM, IPG CarMaker)
  • ...

Product engineering support

Many tools are also available to support the product development process.

  • PDM server, also for teaching purposes
  • Various moderation and presentation tools to promote creativity and support the development of ideas
  • Smart boards
  • Creativity lab with 3D smartboard and multi-touch functionality
  • FDM Prototyper and CAD-CAM model milling machine
  • 2 laser cutters, one of them mobile

Manufacturing workshop

  • CNC milling machine
  • Universal lathes
  • Universal milling
  • Vacuum coating machine PVD