Workshop Mechanical Design II (ciw/VT/MIT)

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Successful participation in mechanical design I.


Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus - 1 und 2
Grundlagen der Berechnung und Gestaltung von
Steinhilper, Sauer, Springer Verlag, ISBN 3-540-22033-X

Grundlagen von Maschinenelementen für Antriebsaufgaben;
Steinhilper, Sauer, Springer Verlag, ISBN 3-540-29629-8


3D-Konstruktion mit Pro/Engineer - Wildfire, Paul Wyndorps, Europa Lehrmittel, ISBN: 978-3-8085-8948-9

Pro/Engineer Tipps und Techniken, Wolfgang Berg, Hanser Verlag, ISBN: 3-446-22711-3 (für Fortgeschrittene)

Content of teaching

Interrogation of the purchased knowledge in mechanical design I and II by means of the workshop task.



The student can achieve an extra bonus for the mechanical design exam.

The bonus amounts to 0,3 exam points and it can only be achieved in case of passed MD-exam (lowest passing grade 4,0).

More details will announce in the lecture mechanical design II.


regular attendance: 10,5 h

self-study: 60 h


The students are able to develop technical solutions in a team, to implement their ideas in technical solutions and to illustrate their own working- and decision process by using protocols and diagrams.

Exam description

Concomitant to the lecture a workshop with 3 workshop sessions take place over the semester. During the workshop the students were divided into groups and their knowledge will be tested during a colloquium at the beginning of every single workshop session. The attendance is mandatory and will be controlled. The pass of the colloquia and the process of the workshop task are required for the successful participation.

Further information's will be announced at Ilias and at the beginning of the lecture mechanical design.