Model Optimization and Simulation of a Lightweight Gearbox Housing

  • Subject:Model Optimization and Simulation of a Lightweight Gearbox Housing
  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:ASAP
  • Tutor:

    M. Sc. Khadijeh Farshi

  • Person in Charge:Open
  • One of the most important topics of the automotive industry is the development of fuel-efficient vehicles. Besides achieving lightweight vehicles to reduce the fuel consumption, developing powertrains design with minimum noise and vibration level is a vital target in the automotive industry to meet the customer’s comfort expectations. In gearboxes with lightweight structures, the eigenfrequencies shift to a higher range, and with the increased rotational speeds of electrical drives, the high frequency resonances are more likely to be excited. In addition, in electrical vehicles noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)problems are more serious due to the absence of the masking effect of the internal combustion engine which makes the auxiliary components more noticeable. Before developing a test and experimental analysis, simplification of the gearbox model and a FEM simulation with ABAQUS for different modified designs is needed. The aim of this work is modelling and simulation of a gearbox housing to investigate the effects of lightweight design measures.




    Initially the CAD model of the housing has to be refined and prepared for the FEM simulation. Different lightweight modifications (cut-outs, different thickness, different arrangement and location of ribs) are to be implemented, and their effects on the NVH behaviour is investigated. Subsequently, the natural frequencies and the associated vibration modes of the gearbox housing variants are calculated in ABAQUS CAE, and assessed regarding the NVH relevant aspects.




    • - You are studying mechanical engineering or a comparable course

    • - You work purposefully and independently

    • - Interest and initial experience in finite element simulation via ABAQUS

    • - Interest and initial experience in Creo