Testing of prototypes of sensor-integrated screws for multi-axial force measurement

In mechanical engineering, the trend is toward mechatronization of machine elements. Among other things, this serves the purpose of condition monitoring, e.g. to detect load or damage conditions. In this context, we at IPEK are researching sensor-integrated screws. By means of integrated force, temperature and acceleration sensors, it should be possible to measure the load-bearing capacity of the screw and to monitor the operating forces of the machine. A prototype of a multi-axial force sensor that can be integrated into the screw has already been created at IPEK.


As part of the work, prototypes of a sensor-integrating screw are to be tested in a test rig in order to characterize the newly developed multi-axial force sensor and, in particular, to determine its measurement accuracy. The basis of the force sensor is a deformation body with applied strain gauges and a calculation model (Matlab) that converts the sensor outputs into the forces. Based on the measurements and the model, optimizations are to be derived and implemented in the design. Comparison values for the measurements are also to be derived from existing CAE models.


  • Basic knowledge of measurement techniques, especially using strain gauges (can also be learned within the scope of the job).
  • Basic knowledge in Matlab
  • Basic knowledge in CAD (PTC Creo) and CAE (Abaqus) helpful
  • Independent way of working

If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you at julian.peters∂kit.edu.