Validation of a new test environment for investigating the static frictional torque of clutches and brakes

  • Subject:Validierung einer neuen Prüfumgebung zur Untersuchung des statischen Reibmomentes bei Kupplungen und Bremsen
  • Type:Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit
  • Date:ab sofort
  • Tutor:

    M.Sc. Rüdiger Fehrenbacher


Validation of a new test environment for investigating the static frictional torque of clutches and brakes

The range of applications for clutches and brakes is considerable. They can be found in conveyor systems and technology, machine tools, cranes and lifting applications, automation technology and many other areas of mechanical engineering. In the future, sports cars with electrified powertrains will have to have transmissions with shiftable clutches to achieve "optimum acceleration" as well as "high top speed". The latest developments in the automotive sector, such as the clutch-by-wire system, open up outstanding features for future individual transportation. But the field of application covers much more, for example, dry-running friction systems provide reliable deceleration for high-speed trains in the form of pneumatic braking systems. In everyday applications such as elevator systems, lift systems, etc., dry-running clutches and brakes ensure the safety of millions of people transported worldwide every day. To offer the highest level of reliability in these components, many of these systems must undergo preconditioning.

Task: In the course of this research, a completely modernized test environment was conceptualized. The knowledge gained so far for the determination of the static frictional torque with an earlier test rig has to be put into relation with this novel test rig in order to validate the advantages gained with the modified design. Your task is to perform and evaluate tests to determine the static frictional torque and compare them with previous results.


  • Studying in an engineering degree program.
  • Interest in materials science
  • Mathematically versed, good ability to present results
  • Responsible and meticulous way of working

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