Construction of a digital twin of an impact wrench in Matlab Simulink

  • Subject:Digitaler Zwilling, Simulation, Matlab, Mechatronik
  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:ab sofort
  • Tutor:

    Tobias Kretschmer M. Sc.

  • Person in Charge:offen

Work description

An impact wrench is a mechatronic tool for tightening and loosening screw connections. Impact wrenches consist of an electronic control, an electric motor and a mechanical impact mechanism. Pulses are generated in the impact mechanism by a mechanical hammer blow. In this way, torques can be achieved that are far higher than the torque of the motor. A model that represents the function of the impact wrench well must therefore represent the mechanical domain on the one hand and the electronic domain on the other.

Your task is to develop a virtual device model for an impact wrench. An existing model is already available to you for this purpose. The goal is to extend the model within the scope of your work: On the one hand in detail and on the other hand in the interactions with tool and bolted joint. Finally, a test bench and already existing measurement results can be used to check the model quality.


  • You are studying mechanical engineering or mechatronics
  • You work purposefully and independently
  • You are interested in analyzing real systems, deriving models and implementing them
  • You have basic knowledge in MATLAB or you are willing to learn MATLAB

If you are interested, please contact me(tobias.kretschmer∂