Successful start of the lectures from the "IPEK Online Lehre Studio" - SWR was there and reported


At the start of the digital summer semester, SWR Aktuell visited Professor Sven Matthiesen, Head of Teaching at the Institute for Product Development of KIT, in the "IPEK Online Teaching Studio". In the slightly different summer semester, the lecture halls will remain empty, but the lectures will continue as usual - only online from the "IPEK Teaching Studio", as Sven Matthiesen reports. And our students are live from home and can actively participate, for example by asking questions during the lecture. In just a few weeks, a presence university became an online university, in order to prepare the coming engineers for their professional future, even in times of Corona.

KIT from minute 14:40, before Tübingen from minute 11:50

Link to the broadcast recording: