Prototyping centre at IPEK

In lectures MKL I – IV the students are introduced to dealing with concrete development projects. The fundamental approach adopted here is for student teams to deal with industry-oriented tasks during the assigned workshops, including the goal of bringing training in the so-called key qualifications directly to the field of study. The development of components, assemblies or systems has hitherto been done using 3D-CAD systems, based on sketches and drawings. Here, an important contribution can be made to improving the teaching through the option of building prototypes or working models to enhance this project work. This practice-oriented additional element to project work is already common practice in English-speaking countries and is now also going to be used in KaLeP.

To allow this to happen, an application has been submitted and approved whereby tuition fees shall fund the setting up of a student workshop for the production of prototypes in workshop room 403, bldg. 10.23. The workshop will be available solely to students. It is integrated directly into the student work rooms.