Methoden und Prozesse der PGE - Produktgenerationsentwicklung

  • type: schriftlich
  • place: Prüfung Deutsch: 01.13 Alter Speisesaal (Mensa), 01.13 Neuer Speisesaal (Mensa) , 30.95 Forum HS (Audimax), Zelt auf dem Forum (großes Zelt), Prüfung Englisch: 10.11 Hertz HS
  • date: 24.09.2021
  • time: 16:00
  • duration: 130 min
  • examiner:

    Prof. Albers

  • registration:

    elektronisch (Qispos) / Campus Management System

Methods and Processes of PGE - Product Generation Engineering


Reference 1: The exam is offered under two different names. However, both are the same exam.
In the first attempt, always register for the exam with the designation "Methods and Processes of PGE". If you have written the exam in a previous semester under the designation "Product Creation - Development Methodology", register your second attempt also in the second attempt of this designation. Otherwise, register your second attempt for the exam with the designation "Methods and Processes of PGE".

Reference 2: The exam is also offered in English and takes place at the same time as the German exam. Please register online for the correct language variant.

Reference 3:

Prohibition of access and participation
We would like to point out that a ban on entry and participation also applies to examinations in accordance with § 7 of the Corona Ordinance of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg (CoronaVO).

  • who are or have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus, if 14 days have not yet passed since the last contact,
  • who show typical symptoms of an infection with the coronavirus, namely fever, dry cough, disturbance of the sense of taste or smell,
  • or who do not wear a mouth-nose covering contrary to § 3 paragraph 1 CoronaVO,

may not participate in the examination in attendance.
Violation of this prohibition of entry and participation constitutes a misdemeanour according to § 19 No. 5 CoronaVO.
In the case of an officially ordered quarantine, a violation can furthermore be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine according to § 75 paragraph 1 number 1, 30 paragraph 1 Infection Protection Act.

Topics of exam: The content of the exam on 24.09.21 is the lecture and exercise content of the summer semester 2021.

Important information prior to, during and after the exam:

- Beachten Sie zusätzlich die Anleitung zur Klausur. Diese enthält wichtige Infos zum Mutiple-Select Verfahren. Anleitung-Deutsch / Anleitung-Englisch

- Students are required to wear a medical mask when entering and leaving the examination room. The mask may NOT be taken off during the examination.

- Students are not allowed to gather in front of the building before or after the examination. 

Updated: 04.10.21

Admission requirement Admission of the Examination Office
Registration for the examination

Start of registration: 05.08.21

Registration and deregistration deadline: 15.09.21

Late cancellations are possible until Tuesday, 21.09.21 by e-mail to klausur.mpge∂, after that only possible in person before the start of the exam with the supervising assistant upon presentation of the student ID.

Please note when registering for the exam:

  • Be sure to print out this registration confirmation. It will serve as a basis for argumentation in the study office if your name does not appear on the final registration list.
  • No registrations for the exam will be accepted after the registration deadline!

For students of mechanical engineering:

You can register for the exam via the self-service functions for students (>Qispos) or via the Campus Management System.
Please do not have any more blue examination slips issued by the study office!

Students who do not take part in the written examination but take an oral examination must not register for the examination but register with a "blue slip" from the Student Services. Please send the blue slip digitally to sekretariat∂ or drop it in the IPEK letterbox in foyer 10.23 in paper form.

Students who are not assigned to the Master's or Diploma programme in Mechanical Engineering can register for the examination by handing in the examination slip. The deadlines are identical to those for online registration. Please send the examination certificate digitally to sekretariat∂ or drop it in the IPEK letterbox in foyer 10.23 in paper form.


Date: 24.09.2021

Date of Arrival: 15:30 (for Block Allocation)
Start: 16:00
Processing time: 120 minutes + 10 minutes reading time

Exam hall allocation: You can find the exam hall allocation on Ilias. Please note that no seats will be assigned in advance. You will be assigned by the supervisory staff.
Language: German and English
Auxiliary means:
  • Non-programmable calculators
  • English dictionaries (real books only)! Electronic dictionaries / language computers may not be used! Dictionaries will be checked by us at the beginning of the exam).
  • No red pens or pencils may be used!
  • You do not need to bring your own paper, writing pads, etc.. The paper required for the exam will be provided in sufficient quantity!
Announcement of the results:

This year, the preliminary results will not be displayed in the showcase on the 8th floor of building 10.23 due to the distance regulations. The preliminary results as well as the statistics will be published via a password-protected PDF in the Ilias course SS21.

Exam review:

Only via prior registration! The possibility to register is offered via the KIT portal YouSubcribe. Register here. Your time slot will be assigned to you after the registration deadline.

You are required to wear a face mask for the entire time you are in the building. The ban on access and participation described above also applies for the duration of the inspection.

Date: 15.10.2021
Location Geb. 30.33, Messtechnik-Hörsaal (MTI)
Registration period: 07.10.2021 (0:00 Uhr) - 13.10.2021 (23:59 Uhr)

No additional appointments will be possible for the inspection.
Time blocks will be formed to conduct the inspection. You can view your exam within 20 min. Please come on time to your time block.

Please also remember your student ID!
If you are unable to attend, you can also send a substitute. Please register in advance via Yousubscribe and bring a (formless) power of attorney with you.

Office hours: By arrangement
Oral Exam:

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klausur.mpge∂ You will then receive a proposed date which you must confirm.

Important notice:
It happens again and again that candidates do not register for the oral examinations. Therefore, please note that a failure to register will result in a definite failure to pass.

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