Mechanical Design 3-4

  • type: written
  • lectures: Mechanical Design 3,4
  • place: Mensa am Adenauerring
  • date: 07.08.2021
  • duration: 4 h
  • examiner:

    Univ.-Prof Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Albert Albers; Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Matthiesen

  • results:

    Published via Mail.

  • revisions:

    2021-10-01, Registration via YouSubscribe

  • registration:

    2021-07-20 - 2021-07-28 by CAS or HIS

Examination mechanical Design 3-4

Please note: The two exam parts MKL 1-2 and MKL 3-4, will be written on two different exam days from SS 20.

The previous rules for prohibiting admission to and participation in exams are no longer listed in the Corona Ordinance. Instead, it is mandatory to observe the CoronaVO Absonderung (Corona Ordinance on Self-isolation) which states in which cases persons suspected of being ill and persons who have tested positive, family members, members of one’s household, and close contacts must isolate themselves. (Link above) Persons who are subject to the obligation to isolate themselves according to the CoronaVO Absonderung may not leave their place of isolation/quarantine and, therefore, are not able to participate in exams held on campus.
Violation of the CoronaVO Absonderung constitutes a misdemeanor pursuant to § 6 of the CoronaVO Absonderung.

Important points before, during, and after the exam:

  • Wait in front of the main entrance --> Keep distance rules.
  • According to the Corona ordinances relevant to KIT, face masks (community masks or medical masks) must be worn at KIT in all workplaces and on all KIT premises as well as on all walkways and in all aisles inside buildings, for example, at doorways and in other entrance areas, in passageways, corridors, stairways, sanitary facilities, and pathways at events and other venues.
  • According to the resolution taken by the Executive Board on July 12, 2021, face masks must be worn during exams. Through this request, KIT makes use of its right to take measures exceeding § 12 of the Corona Ordinance on Studying and the Arts (CoronaVO Studienbetrieb). On the one hand, this is intended to reduce the risk that the health authority will declare a quarantine for all participants in the event of a positive case and, on the other hand, to further stabilize the robustly planned examination phase by providing greater protection against infection.
  • The general hygiene rules to be observed by all participants are listed below:
    - After arriving at the building and before entering the lecture room, please wash your hands thoroughly and/or use the hand disinfectant provided.
    - When entering the exam room, please make sure to keep a distance of at least 1.5 m to those waiting.
    - Between exams, the desks used shall not be cleaned. In the entrance area, cleaning supplies are available to the examinees.
    - The access to the buildings is staggered. Therefore, allow sufficient time on the day of the written exam.
  • The Procedure
    • First, the construction part is written
    • then follows a break, during which you have to leave the room
    • At 01:30pm the theory part starts
    • Please remember to bring enough provisions. 
  • Students are not permitted to congregate outside the lecture hall or the building. They will leave the building individually after the exam and move away quickly.

This information will be updated regularly. Due to very dynamic developments, you should visit this page regularly.

Updated on 2021-09-17

Further information on the current situation and the individual courses of study can be found on the following pages:

Information about the exam and all additional dates:

Time: August 07, 2021, 9:00am
  • Großes Zelt am Forum
  • Südwerk (Henriette-Obermüller-Straße 10, 76137 Karlsruhe)
  • Mensa am Adenauerring
  • Raum 107
Registration: Due to the high workload, a subsequent registration by missing the deadline is impossible. 
In case of missing or incorrectly entered advance performance, please contact the respective contact person directly:
Registration via the student portal.
Registration takes place via the student portal.
If the registration for the exam is error-free, a registration confirmation will appear. Be sure to print out this registration confirmation. It serves as a basis for argumentation in the study office if your name does not appear on the final registration list.
Deregistration: Deregistrations can be undertaken during the registration period in the student portal.
The central deregistration date on August 04, 2021, between 10:00am and 11:00am, in room 113, building 50.33, is canceled. As a substitute, you can send an email with a photo of your student ID and a deregistration request to M.Sc. Rüdiger Fehrenbacher during this period.
The next possibility to deregister will be shortly before the exam in the assigned room.

More accommodating rules for deregistration due to Corona in SS 21:
You may deregister by mail up to immediately before the exam this semester. Include a photo of your student ID for identification.
All emails with the purpose of deregistration received after Fri 06/08/21, 17:00, will be processed starting Monday 09/08/21. Deregistrations that arrive after the official start of the exam will be sorted out. The corresponding student will then be graded "No Appearance" = 5.0. Unless a detailed justification is provided (for example, a medical certificate).
Only the examination board can revise this grade.
Preliminary meeting: General notes on the exam are given and a design task is explained by way of example (including drawings).
The preliminary discussion will take place in the SS on July 23, 2021 from 10:00am to 11:30am in digital form on zoom.
There is no preliminary meeting in the WS.
Examples for the theory and design part of an MD exam can be found on ILIAS under Information on MD Lecture => Exam Mode / Exam Preparation.
Place allocation:

You can find the seating arrangement of the examinations on this page from August 03, 2021. (Link above)

Please check the information in the PDF for correctness. If there are any errors, please get in touch with us immediately. Contact see below.

Entry wirh block formation:

Block 1 08:40 am
Block 2 08:50 am


Bring your student ID card.

Consultation hours:

Consultation hours will be held on the following dates:

  • Tue. 27.07.2021 between 10:00am. and 12:00pm.
  • Thu. 29.07.2021 between 10:00am. and 12:00pm.
  • Tue. 03.08.2021 between 10:00am. and 12:00pm.
  • Wed. 04.08.2021 between 10:00am. and 12:00pm.  

The link to book the office hours: 


You must book one of the blocks to hold the MKL retreat office hours. 

Check in time before the consultation hour that you have joined the teams channel and see the consultation hour channel.

Tools: Allowed:
non-programmable calculator
large geo triangle (recommended!)
rulers / curve rulers
Screw, radius, circle and eraser templates

Not allowed:
All electronic terminals for mobile reception of data, voice, image or sound
programmable calculators
Rolling rulers
Catalogues published by manufacturers of machine elements and other institutions (FAG, SKF etc.)
Collections of formulas
Construction templates
Millimetre paper
electronic dictionaries

Non-permitted aids must not be located near your workplace. They must be stowed in a bag and handed to the supervisory staff. Exams of students whose cheating is noted will be graded 5.0 (fail).

Additional Notes:
Pencils, erasers, rulers, compasses, and other (permitted) aids are brought along by the examinees!
Results: This year, the preliminary results will not be displayed in the showcase on the 8th floor of building 10.23 due to the distance regulations. Instead, the preliminary results will be published by mail from week 37. In addition, statistics will be provided on this page.  (Link above)
Post-exam review: Only via prior registration! The possibility to register is offered via the KIT portal YouSubcribe. (Link above)

For the entire time you are in the building; it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nose covering. The ban on access and participation described above also applies for the duration of the review. Only enter elevators individually and keep the minimum distance in the stairwell.
Date: 2021-10-01, 11:00am - 07:00pm
Location: Zelt am Forum
Registration Period: 2021-09-18, 00:01am - 2021-09-28, 11:59pm

Time blocks will be formed to conduct the viewing. Please note that approx 1000 students want to view their exam. They can view their theory part and their design part within 15 min. Please come on time to your time block so that we will not find a traffic jam. 
Please also remember your study card! 
If you are unable to attend, you can also send a substitute. For this, too, please register in advance via YouSubscribe and bring a (formless) power of attorney.
Oral examinations: Students who have to take an oral examination should contact the secretary's office (Building 10.23, 8th floor, R 802) after publication. You will then receive a proposed date, which you must confirm.
You will receive general information, e.g., on the procedure for oral examinations after the examination has been viewed as soon as all candidates are determined.

Important notice:
It happens again and again that candidates do not report for the oral examinations. As of now, no information will be requested from us. Therefore, please note that a failure to register will result in a definite inability to pass.
Your contact person: M.Sc. Rüdiger Fehrenbacher