Investigation and Integration of the Fuel cell-based Electric Drive System in a Demonstration Vehicle

  • Subject:Investigation and Integration of the Fuel cell-based Electric Drive System in a Demonstration Vehicle
  • Type:Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Date:immediately
  • Tutor:

    Jonas Freyer M. Sc.

Besides batteries, fuel cells are also a key component towards the implementation of future-oriented, electrified mobility, which are currently being intensively researched and developed. At the same time, various vehicle subsystems are being developed to promote sustainable and connected mobility. To demonstrate the applicability of the developed subsystems in a real vehicle concept of the future, a joint test vehicle shall be developed and constructed for the demonstration and testing of subsystem prototypes. 
The task of this work is to further develop and investigate a fuel cell-based electric drive system for the test vehicle. Special focus lies on the technical design of submodules, the testing of these submodules under the IPEK-X-in-the-Loop (XiL) framework and the integration of the system into the chassis. This work aims at a successful assembly and, if necessary, successful operation of the fuel cell-based electric drive system in the test vehicle.




  • Familiarization with the topic
  • Planning and execution of investigations based on the IPEK-XiL approach
  • Integration of the fuel cell based electric drive system into the chassis


  • Study of mechanical engineering / mechatronics / (electrical engineering) with iInterest in battery system technology
  • Prior knowledge in the field of fuel cells / mixed physical-virtual testing helpful
  • Independent, structured way of working 

If you are interested, please submit a sound application with a current transcript of grades and curriculum vitae to: jonas.freyer∂