Reliability and Test Engineering (Lecture)

  • type: Lecture (V)
  • chair: Machine Elements and Power-Tools
  • semester: WS 23/24
  • start: Kick-Off in December. Theory in 3 blocks during semester starting January. Practical phase on 4 days in semester brake.
  • lecturer:

    Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gwosch

  • sws: 2
  • ects: 5
  • lv-no.: 2145350
  • exam: Report at the end of the practical phase
  • information: Blended (On-Site/Online)

The students know the methods of reliability and test engineering and the components used. Furthermore, they are able to independently carry out test planning, test execution and test interpretation for a given problem on a test bench.

The following contents are taught in the lecture:

  • Relevance of reliability and test engineering in the industry.
  • Overview of test equipment
  • Test strategies and statistical test planning
  • Testing with hypotheses
  • Reliability models

The implementation of test planning, test execution and test interpretation on a demonstrator test bench is part of the practical session subsequent to the lecture (See also Event 2145351: Workshop for Reliability and Test Engineering)

Language of instructionGerman

O’Connor: Test Engineering

O’Connor: Practical Reliability Engineering

Birolini: Reliability Engineering

Bertsche: Zuverlässigkeit mechatronischer Systeme

VDI 4002: Zuverlässigkeitsingenieur

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