Investigation of methods of product-production co-design.

Investigation of methods of product-production co-design.

Effectiveness and efficiency are playing an increasingly important role in product development. In order to develop a product successfully, the production system belonging to the product should be considered at the earliest possible stage. This is where Product-Production-CoDesign comes into play. This is an approach to integrate the product development process early and holistically with the development of the associated production system and thus create synergies. In the past, various research projects on different methods have already been carried out, resulting in a broad knowledge base.

Goal & Task:

The goal of your work is to familiarize yourself with the current understanding of product-production co-design and to elaborate the essential core statements and elements. Furthermore, you will examine research papers regarding their respective core elements and compare them with the previously identified central aspects of product-production co-design. Based on this, you will further sharpen your understanding of product-production co-design. The research works compared with this respectively. Their respective approaches and methods have to be classified in the product-production-CoDesign in order to contribute an essential building block for the further strengthening of the term.


  • You are studying in the field of engineering, economics or mechatronics
  • You can organize yourself well and are characterized by good communication skills
  • You are fascinated by interdisciplinary thinking and cooperation
  • You enjoy working independently and in a structured manner
  • You are motivated to contribute your own ideas and impulses

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