Investigation of Language Model-Based Approaches for Autonomous Vehicle Testing

  • Subject:Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Programming
  • Type:Master Thesis
  • Tutor:

    Majid Jegarian, M. Sc.

We are seeking enthusiastic Master's thesis researchers to explore the potential of language model-based approaches, such as ChatGPT, in the context of autonomous vehicle testing and validation within simulators. This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the intersection of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and simulation technology.

Connecting language model with driving models.
Figure 1: Connecting language model with driving models (Source:


  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review to understand the state-of-the-art in autonomous vehicle testing and language model-based AI.
  • Design and implement experiments to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of using language models for autonomous vehicle testing and validation.
  • Analyze and interpret experimental results to draw meaningful conclusions and make recommendations for practical applications.

Your Profile:

  • Studies in Engineering
  • Strong programming skills (Python, C++, etc.).
  • Interest in autonomous vehicles
  • Practical exprenice in Machine Learning and ML frameworks
  • Knowledge of natural language processing (NLP) and language models is an advantage
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Passion to learn and apply new programming languages and technology concepts

We offer you an chatting-edge topic, close supervision, and the opportunity to develop practical and theoretical skills.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit the following application materials via email to majid.jegarian∂ with the email subject [Prospective for MA Thesis - "Candidate Surname" – ML01]:

  • Resume
  • Academic transcripts