Development of a guideline for modeling C&C² models for the analysis of influencing parameters and the derivation of variation ideas in terms of PGE using the example of clutch plugs

  • Subject:Developing a guideline, C&C² approach, product development
  • Type:Bachelor-/Masterarbeit
  • Date:ab sofort
  • Tutor:

    M.Sc. Peter M. Tröster


In this work, a guideline for product developers is to be developed based on preliminary work. This guideline should support product developers in modeling the phenomenon to be investigated in the right level of detail with the C&C² approach. Furthermore, the guideline shall support the derivation of variations in the sense of the PGE - product generation development. This is to be based on already developed C&C² models and hypotheses for the cause-effect relationships. These are to be revised if necessary. For the guideline, the previous procedure will be analyzed and documented. In addition, suggestions for an improved procedure will be developed. If performed well, a joint scientific publication will be sought.


  • Review and evaluation of previous work
  • Familiarization with the C&C² approach
  • Documentation of the approach
  • Development of the guideline

Possible research questions:

  • What information must a guide for product developers contain to assist them in analysis and synthesis?
  • What knowledge about influencing parameters on coupling rupture can be gained by modeling a coupling with the C&C² approach?
  • How can a PGE approach be systematized using the C&C² approach?

Your Benefits:

  • Insight and lasting impact on future teaching.
  • Possibility for a joint scientific publication
  • Learning of scientific working methods


  • Studies in an engineering science
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Independent and very careful way of working

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