Cooperative thesis on the methodical analysis of Embodiment-function-relations as well as the derivation of variation ideas with the PGE.

  • Subject:Cooperative thesis, methodical analysis, C&C² approach
  • Type:Bachelor-/Masterarbeit
  • Date:nach Vereinbarung / sofort
  • Tutor:

    M.Sc. Peter M. Tröster

  • Person in Charge:offen


This work is possible both as cooperative and as internal work. The goal is to derive different variation ideas based on the PGE after a system analysis of shape-function relationships using the Contact&Channel approach, or C&C² approach for short.

An arbitrary mechatronic system is to be methodically analyzed and modeled across system levels and domains, and influencing factors on the target variable(s) are to be identified. Subsequently, suggestions for further development are to be generated.


Tasks will be coordinated on an individual basis. Possible tasks include:

  • Solution-neutral research for references in the technical environment of the mechatronic system to be investigated and evaluation of these.
  • Analysis and modeling of the mechatronic system using the C&C² approach.
  • Identification and graphical presentation of the factors influencing the target variable(s).
  • Generation of variation ideas based on the PGE.

Possible research questions:

  • What shape-function relationships exist for the mechatronic system under study?
  • Which influencing factors on the target variable(s) can be identified?
  • What difficulties arise in modeling with the C&C² approach?
  • Which fields of action can be derived from this?
  • How can these fields of action be addressed?

Your Benefits:

  • Insight into research and business
  • Possibility for a joint scientific publication
  • Prospect of Hiwi activity
  • Learning of scientific working methods
  • Learning a methodically correct approach
  • Intensive supervision of work and support of own development


  • All interested students
  • Engineering course

Interested? Then please send a meaningful application to: peter.troester∂