Andreas Lindenmann, M. Sc. Andreas Lindenmann

Andreas Lindenmann, M. Sc.

Andreas Lindenmann, M. Sc.

Field of Research

  • Development of methods for the active design and prediction of interactions between humans, devices and applications
  • Validation environments for anchoring systems

Research Focus

  • Investigation of the passive dynamic interaction between user and power tool
  • Development of human replacement models to validate power tools
  • Experimental Dynamic Substructuring


  • Overall responsibility MKL II

Bachelor- / Mastertheses

  • Available bachelor- and master-theses can be found here.



Approach for calibrated measurement of the frequency response for characterization of compliant interface elements on vibration test benches
Heyden, E.; Lindenmann, A.; Matthiesen, S.; Krause, D.
2021. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11 (20), Art. Nr.: 9604. doi:10.3390/app11209604
Use of data-driven design for the development of knob-shaped handles in the context of impedance measurements
Schröder, T.; Lindenmann, A.; Hehmann, S.; Wettstein, A.; Germann, R.; Gwosch, T.; Matthiesen, S.
2021. Applied ergonomics, 98, Article no: 103575. doi:10.1016/j.apergo.2021.103575
Adjustable Impedance Elements for Testing and Validation of Aircraft Components and Hand-Held Power Tools
Lindenmann, A.; Heyden, E.; Matthiesen, S.; Krause, D.
2019. Stuttgarter Symposium für Produktentwicklung SSP 2019, Stuttgart, 16. Mai 2019. Hrsg.: H. Binz, 63–72, Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO
The Rotational Mechanical Impedance of the Hand-Arm System - A Preliminary Study
Lindenmann, A.; Matthiesen, S.
2019. 14th International Conference on Hand Arm Vibration, Bonn, 21. - 24. Mai 2019. Abstracts, 75–76, Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)
Adjustable impedance elements for testing and validation of system components
Heyden, E.; Lindenmann, A.; Oltmann, J.; Bruchmueller, T.; Krause, D.; Matthiesen, S.
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