Cooperative thesis: Modeling of static charges for the sustainable development of an integrated series solution for the prevention of electrostatic discharges

  • Subject:Cooperative thesis, hydraulic systems, sustainable development
  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:ab sofort
  • Tutor:

    M.Sc. Peter M. Tröster

  • Person in Charge:offen


In the field of hydraulic systems, the trend towards energy efficiency, reduced emission values and thus sustainability has been observed for some time. This involves the use of hydraulic oils that have low electrical conductivity. This is increasingly posing a challenge for modern hydraulic systems, as triboelectrically generated charges can only be discharged with great difficulty. Spontaneous discharges in the form of electric flashovers can cause damage to the hydraulic system or surrounding machine components.


Within the scope of this cooperative work, an existing solution concept for the avoidance of electrostatic charges in the filtration of hydraulic oil is to be transferred into a series solution at Argo Hytos GmbH. The integration is to be implemented in accordance with the functional understanding of PGE and using the C&C² approach. The aim is to develop a comprehensive system that can be used as a reference in other projects. To validate the developed solution concept, a prototype is to be built and tested on a test bench.

Your Benefits:

  • Employment as a master student at Argo Hytos GmbH(expense allowance)
  • Insight into current research topics
  • Possibility for a joint scientific publication
  • Learning of scientific and practical working methods
  • Intensive supervision of work and support of own development by IPEK and Argo Hytos


  • Experience in working with CAD systems
  • Interest in product development
  • Reliability
  • Independent way of working (on site)

Interested? Then please send a meaningful application to: peter.troester∂